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6093Re: failure joining AD domain when LS is on a different IP network than ADcontro

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  • James Stewart
    Jul 20, 2007
      Anyone know what version of Samba runs on a LS-PRO Ver 1.04? If they
      are still running version 2.xx then this is the problem. If they
      finally updated to version 3.xx (They are getting closer to releasing
      Version 4 !!! see http://news.samba.org/releases/4.0.0tp5 ). Anyway
      it sounds like you have WINS acting as a proxy name service for AD

      I'm not real up on Windows systems these days, but it does sound kind
      of messy. Are you sure it wasn't also using WINS when it was on the
      local LAN? I would think you would have a much easier time routing
      DNS than WINS, except that you probably already went through the pain
      of getting WINS routed through your LAN anyway.

      AD support in Samba 3 is a little sketchy at best. You should
      probably read up on it at samba.org and see if it should work, then
      you'd have to get in and hack the config file in the LS to make it
      work the way you need. Probably not fun

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "greenjoel_ma"
      <joelhenderson@...> wrote:
      > Sorry to keep posting...but I got it figured out: apparently, the
      > Linkstation needs to talk to a WINS server when it is on a different
      > IP network than the AD domain controller.
      > We were TRYING to phase out WINS (since none of our pc's, etc use it
      > any longer) but apparently we'll have to keep this archaic technology
      > just to make the Linkstations work.
      > I'd love to hear any input that others may have regarding this...
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