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5960RE: [LinkStation_General] Re: Active drive

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  • Robert
    May 6, 2007

      It’s a Linkstation Live (Gigabit), Model HS-HG500GL, firmware is version 1.03.


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      > Is it a standard of the Linkstation to stay "noisy" with the
      hard drive
      > active all the time? For the last 10 days, since my Linkstation
      > Gigabit was re-installed (the first one cratered two days after
      > installing), I have been listening to the drive create the same noise
      > as one would hear if a drive was being "de-fraged". With
      exception of
      > an occassional 30-60 second quiet time, it continues to make noise. We
      > are not talking fan noise, but hard drive noise.
      > Diagnostics don't show anything abnormal. The firmware is current -
      > version 1.03, though not the most current per what the group messages
      > show.

      version 1.03 firmware? This isn't a linkstation gigabit, i couldn't

      Is it a Linkstation Live? what is the model # on the back?

      I've read that this issue is common with the Live's and is happening
      because of the media server built in. If you are not utilizing that
      function, disable it in the web administration and the sound should go

      Hope this helps.

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