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5828Re: [LinkStation_General] Stock v2.6 Kernel on a Linkstation HS : Working!

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  • David Yip
    Jan 30, 2007
      Hi Guennadi,

      Just a quick reply,

      The problem with me is that when I have the "rtc-rs5c372.probe=0,0x32" in my uboot config, I dont get *any* kernel messages through from  nc from the kurobox, but when I took it out from the uboot on my Linkstation, I did get messages from the kernel.

      I will put the above line back on my Linkstation uboot config line and let you know what happens

      ie I will put back
      "root=/dev/sda1 netconsole=6666@,@ rtc-rs5c372.probe=0,0x32"


      Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:

      On Mon, 29 Jan 2007, David Yip wrote:

      > I believe that under v2.6.19 the hwclock is working
      > LinkStation: /sys/devices# hwclock
      > Mon Jan 29 12:00:23 2007 -0.954070 seconds
      > LinkStation: /sys/devices# find . -print | grep i2
      > ./platform/fsl- i2c.1/i2c- 0/0-0032
      > ./platform/fsl- i2c.1/i2c- 0/0-0032/ name

      Yep, that's fine and the address is the same. Have no clue why it should
      not work under 2.6.20... You ARE absolutely sure that if you specify
      "rtc-rs5c372. probe=0,0x32" your kernel hangs on both KuroboxHG and LS
      HS?... Can you send the same "find" output from a 2.6.20 on 1 of the 2
      NASs without that command line option? Well, I could suggest 2 ways to
      debug it:

      1. boot as normal one of your 2 systems with 2.6.20 and do "i2cdetect 0
      0x30 0x3f". i2cdetect is in lm-sensors package.

      2. Compile rtc-rs5c372 as a module and (after issuing "sync" 3 times:-))
      and while logging with netcat do "modprobe rtc-rs5x372 probe=0,0x32"

      Hm, something rings the bell... I think, they changed the register access
      to rs5c372 to "method 3" with 2.6.20... But that works on my and some
      other systems...

      Guennadi Liakhovetski

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