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5827Re: [LinkStation_General] Stock v2.6 Kernel on a Linkstation HS

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  • Guennadi Liakhovetski
    Jan 28, 2007
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      On Sat, 27 Jan 2007, daveyip wrote:

      > I have a Linkstation HS that I have installed u-boot on according to
      > http://www.kurobox.com/mwiki/index.php/Kurobox_support_in_stock_2.6_kernels
      > Over at the Kurobox wiki
      > I have everything installed and a 2.6.20-rc5 kernel booting over nc
      > But have run up against
      > linkstation: disarming the AVR watchdog:
      > VFS: Cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(0,0)
      > Please append a correct "root=" boot option
      > Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
      > unknown-block(0,0)
      > I have used the stock .config file for the linkstation out of the
      > kernel that has IDE disabled and PATA enabled. My fstab looks like

      Ok, I am not sure what a Linkstation HS exactly is. The stock kernel /
      bootloader configuration has been tested so far on KuroBox HG and HD. Is
      the LS HS hardware identical to kuro HG? Looks like there might be a
      slight difference. Maybe you'll need a special device tree. To clarify
      that, please post your complete dmesg captured with your nc. Would also be
      good to see dmesg from a running kernel on such a system, as well as
      output from lspci -vv, /proc/interrupts.

      > # /etc/fstab: static file system information.
      > #
      > # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump>
      > <pass>
      > /dev/sda1 / ext3 defaults,noatime,errors=remount-ro
      > 0 0
      > proc /proc proc defaults
      > 0 0
      > none /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=20
      > 0 0
      > /dev/sda2 swap swap defaults
      > 0 0
      > /dev/sda3 /datafiles ext3 defaults,noatime
      > 0 0

      Correct, but you haven't got that far - your kernel cannot mount the root
      as specified on the command line, i.e., your /etc/fstab has not been read

      > My u-boot config for CONFIG_BOOTARGS looks like
      > #define CONFIG_BOOTARGS "root=/dev/sda1
      > netconsole=6666@,@"
      > (Incidently, the instructions say to have rtc-rs5c372.probe=0,0x32 in
      > there to, but I found that this causes no kernel messages to be
      > displayed in nc)

      This also hints at some differences in the hardware.

      Guennadi Liakhovetski
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