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5729my linkstation, some command run no answer, telnet connection

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  • mydiarybiz
    Dec 1, 2006
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      i have little english.. ( sorry..)

      i have linkstation2(mipsel) 160gb
      and change disk 300gb

      i see install method "apache server" on linkstationwiki.net
      and try to install on my linkstation

      link ->

      "./configure --prefix=/usr/local/bin ... (i don't remember options)"
      & "make" is passing,
      but my linkstation is stopping during "make install"
      then telnet, ftp and http no answer..

      i had unpluging my linkstation power cord. and plugging, power-on.

      since.. my linkstation is some command run, no answer
      more /etc/thttpd.conf or e2fsck
      and kill, exit .... etc...

      i can use only ls, cd..


      i try to ftp,
      message is "Connection closed by remote host."

      i want solve this problem.. please help me..;;