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5595Re: Disabling the fan on a Linkstation

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  • cherrytreeproduction
    Oct 5, 2006
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      a question..which LS-model do you have?

      if you have openlink/freelink installed on your box you could install
      avr_evtd instead of ppc_uartd.

      ppc_uartd is the stock avr_evtd daemon and monitors the buttons, the
      fan and how full the hdd is.

      avr_evtd is the opensource variant and was created by lb_worm from
      www.linkstationwiki.net with the kuro_evtd-source as a base.

      with avr_evtd you can simply run the linkstation without a fan if you
      configure it that way.

      here is the link that might be interesting for you:

      look at the variable FANSTOP...it can be set to OFF.

      i am currently thinking of building my own case...and remove the small
      and noisy fan...


      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, KeepIt SimpleStupid
      <keepitsimplestupid@...> wrote:
      > Assuming that the fan's tach signal is open collector
      > and it operates off of 5 volts then figure 14 here
      > http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM555.html + a resistor
      > and an NPN transistor would be all that would be
      > needed. Something like a 2n3904 with a
      > (5V-0.6)/(25E-3/100). 25 mA will put the transistor
      > into saturation and Hfe is about 100 if I remember.
      > This resistor would be about 15K in series with the
      > output of the timer. The emitter would go to ground
      > and the collecter would go to the tach signal. Values
      > aren't critical.
      > Pick R and C such that the frequency is 1 pulse per
      > revolution for starters and/or check the data sheet
      > for the fan.
      > WHat needs to be verified: Fan 5V, Tach signal is open
      > collector. If it's 12, change the 5 in the eqn. to
      > 12.
      > --- "TinyApps.Org" <mail@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Does anyone know how to disable/disconnect the
      > > Linkstation's fan and still
      > > have it boot properly? If there is no fan present,
      > > the Linkstation will
      > > flash the red Diag LED 4 times and then shut down.
      > > But I'd like to run it
      > > without the fan, leaving the case off for
      > > ventilation. Is there a some way
      > > to disable the fan check or fool the Linkstation
      > > into thinking the fan is
      > > working properly?
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