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5594Re: [LinkStation_General] Disabling the fan on a Linkstation

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  • KeepIt SimpleStupid
    Oct 5, 2006
      Assuming that the fan's tach signal is open collector
      and it operates off of 5 volts then figure 14 here
      http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM555.html + a resistor
      and an NPN transistor would be all that would be
      needed. Something like a 2n3904 with a
      (5V-0.6)/(25E-3/100). 25 mA will put the transistor
      into saturation and Hfe is about 100 if I remember.
      This resistor would be about 15K in series with the
      output of the timer. The emitter would go to ground
      and the collecter would go to the tach signal. Values
      aren't critical.

      Pick R and C such that the frequency is 1 pulse per
      revolution for starters and/or check the data sheet
      for the fan.

      WHat needs to be verified: Fan 5V, Tach signal is open
      collector. If it's 12, change the 5 in the eqn. to

      --- "TinyApps.Org" <mail@...> wrote:

      > Does anyone know how to disable/disconnect the
      > Linkstation's fan and still
      > have it boot properly? If there is no fan present,
      > the Linkstation will
      > flash the red Diag LED 4 times and then shut down.
      > But I'd like to run it
      > without the fan, leaving the case off for
      > ventilation. Is there a some way
      > to disable the fan check or fool the Linkstation
      > into thinking the fan is
      > working properly?
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