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5486Pointer requested please: add printer to 400Gb linkstation

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  • mungohenning
    Sep 12, 2006
      I hope my Subject line says it all: I'm looking for advice and/or
      pointers in my task of moving an all-in-one printer to hang off a
      new linkstation 400Gb device.

      The present situation is that I have a Dell laptop running XP and
      connected off it via USB is an older HP G55 Officejet.
      Life is bliss.
      But then when the other family members want to print it is "boot up
      the laptop first" and I get pestered five minutes later with "It
      doesn't work" (often with added swear word), to which I reply "have
      you switched the printer AND the laptop on and are they connected?".
      This often brings the pathetic bleat "Aw, you didn't tell me that".

      Over the horizon comes the linkstation - promising 400Gbyte of
      family backup disk as well as a print server.
      Reads the manual - Postscript only driving of any printer, no
      bidirectional stuff (the latter doesn't bother me).

      [Incidental aside: why do so many manuals tell you What a bit of
      kit is capable of rather than tell you How to achieve it?]

      So can any kind soul walk me through the steps to elevate my
      printer on to the network please.
      I can unplug it from the laptop and plug it in to the linkstation
      (the linkstation already RJ45'd to the family router) but then
      what to do?
      Do I configure a Postscript driver on the XP box and also configure
      a port that points at the linkstation LP? Do I tell the XP box that
      the printer actually is an officejet G55? Its all clear as mud.

      I've emailled buffalo and got one reply from a technician there
      but pleas for a step-by-step set of instructions have been ignored.
      I won't be buying another Buffalo product until this gets corrected:
      there's little to be gained by rewarding incompetence or

      SO, can the good folks here help me please?

      Presuming so, thankyou in advance


      Mungo Henning
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