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5417Re: Using the LinkStation Web Server

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  • lalunas10
    Aug 14, 2006
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "G. Sloane" <sloane999@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to use the LinkStation built-in web server. I am new to
      > linux, but have learned a few basics working with Bash. I have set up a
      > link in the 'www" directory to my share directory. That works fine in
      > telnet, but I get the following message when I try to access it through
      > a web browser: "The requested URL '/web' resolves to a file outside the
      > permitted web server directory tree." I suspect this is just a matter
      > of changing some directory permissions or some config file, but being
      > new to linux, I need some guidance on how to do this.

      The error messages says it all. The web server uses the directory you told it to use in /etc/
      thttpd.conf or /etc/thttpd/thttpd.conf, whichever exists on your system. Edit the file, and
      run "/etc/init.d/thttpd restart". See "man thttpd" for details.
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