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5395Need autofan help for LS2 (MIPS)

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  • j_k_orr
    Aug 9, 2006
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      I've tried setting up the Cool'n Quiet scripts but I'm having a bit of
      a problem.

      I have an LS2 flashed with Openlink.
      I manually installed the Cool'n Quiet scripts, following the shell
      script but it doesn't seem to be behaving - the fan remains running on
      high the whole time.

      When I manually do an Autofand stop, the process ends, but when I then
      restart it with AutoFand start I get a whole bunch of errors:
      /etc/init.d/AutoFan: [: - unary operator expected
      The logfile, linkstation.log, has a message that the AutoFan script
      has started.

      Can someone please help me to figure out what's not working and how to
      fix it?
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