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5356Linkstation II, SlimServer, Help for Novice Please

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    Jul 31, 2006
      > I have been searching through the messages, but have not been able
      > to find anything that addresses this question. I am hoping
      > can take the time to explain the following process a bit better as
      > am now stuck.
      > I have gone through the following process.
      > 1) Following the steps outlined at
      > http://fieldnetworks.com/slim/linkstation3.html
      > 2) I have downloaded all of the files and am able to SSH into the
      > linkstation after a correct flash of the system as instructed in
      > part 1 in the fieldnetworks guide
      > 3) I am now stuck on the following part:
      > Now that you created more space on the first partition (/dev/hda1)
      > for the new Perl installation by moving the old one to /mnt, copy
      > the downloaded file from your network share to the root directory
      > the LinkStation: "cp /mnt/name-of-network-share/perl-5.8.5-
      > linkstation.tar.gz /". Now, change to the root directory and
      > the file: First, "cd /". Then, "tar xzvf perl-5.8.5-
      > linkstation.tar.gz".
      > I am unable to do the copy command because I am not sure what
      > the "name-of-network-share" should be. I have put the perl-5.8.5
      > file into a folder called "share" on my linkstation using
      > commands in windows, but am not sure how to find this "share"
      > within the SSH client so I can bring it into the system.
      > I am completely new at this and am learning as I go. Any help
      > you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thank you so much.
      > -Jeff

      Just some more information to help, this is for a LinkStation II
      box, I'm running Windows XP, using Putty to SSH in.
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