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5331SWISSCENTER on HD-H250LAN help

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  • Ed
    Jul 17, 2006

      I have a LInkstation v2.xx that I use as file server and media server
      together with with a Linktheater. I have seen that SwissCenter looks
      way better than the standard Buffalo GUI for LinkTheater + the extras
      like weather forecast.

      I am considering installing it but I would like to get some advice on

      - Could anyone give me some feedback on SwissCenter? Is it really
      worth the hassle?
      - Does it conflict with the standard file server utility from Buffalo,
      like the ftp server. Is it still there?
      - Is it very hard to get it up and running? Being a nearly complete
      newbie on Linux (only experience as user and installing minimal
      things), I am a bit concern of it. I¨m good following instructions and
      very keen on trying SwissCenter!!
      - Is it possible to roll back to original firmware?
      - I see from SwissCenter that it is possible to browse internet. Does
      this mean that with only the linkstation and the netplayer I can do
      it? NO need for a PC as standard from Buffalo? That sound very cool!!

      Any advice / instructions?


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