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5213UPDATE on kurobox.com

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  • Brian Waite
    Jun 5, 2006
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      Sorry for the Xpost, but I wanted to reach as much of the kbox audience as

      Ok finally thigs are sorted out on kurobox.com
      Turns out the hosting co messed up the billing info and was not actually
      billing Buffalo.
      Now you might see a page that says:
      "There is no website configured at this address"

      This is going to go away shortly as the hosting co pointed the DNS entries to
      our dedicated server addie. Problem is 6 months ago when they said they moved
      us to the ded server they did not.
      So, DNS will be updated with shared server for the day and they will move the
      site tonight so we are actully on our dedicated server. This should resolve
      dl speed issues and unable to connect to DB issues that have been popping out

      Before blaming Revolution please notice that this was all the fault of the
      hosting co. They are all terrible at site admin , go figure!