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5197Re: LinkStation Network Storage Center 250GB

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  • mixed_mind_assistance
    Jun 2, 2006
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "cherrytreeproduction"
      <cherrytreeproduction@...> wrote:
      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "mixed_mind_assistance"
      > <mixed_mind_assistance@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi, I found this online at about 189$ and wanted to get a couple and
      > > wanted to know if I can run this with FC4?
      > there is a project for the kurobox (this is the developer counterpart
      > of the Linkstation)
      > i would suggest you begin with some reading....a kurobox isn`t that
      > expensive anymore....maybe it is the right choice for you.
      > > It looks as if it has NFS support in FC4, but I'm not sure what to
      > > expect when I get these, so I wanted to post that question ahead of
      > time.
      > if you need kernel NFS (which is faster), then you maybe want to run
      > the 2.6-kernel as it supports it.
      > >
      > > Setup, and other issues I was not aware of other than its web based.
      > >
      > i do not understand...what do you mean? you only want something that
      > can be administrated over the webinterface? hmm....for installing you
      > definitely need to do execute some commands in the console...but maybe
      > i got that sentence wrong...
      > > Someone was kind enough to lead me here. I appreciate that ;)
      > >
      > here are 2 Links that might be very interesting for you:
      > www.linkstationwiki.org
      > www.kurobox.com
      > start some reading.
      > -- mindbender

      Well, after a horrible SHIPPING experience, I will in the future be
      ordering the KUROBOX. I'm not saying my buffalo is defective, but what
      I'm saying is UPS SUCKS!!!! My box came entirely OPENED and it
      contained both the Buffalo's, with absolutely NO filler in it, no
      peanuts whatsoever, so it makes me wonder why the heck companies don't
      use FEDEX. The Box had no tape on it whatsoever, and the buffalo boxes
      themselves had no padding on the inside of them, in fact the buffalo's
      appeared to be RE SHRINKwrapped.

      I overpaid by 40$ which ticks me off too b/c they had them at BUY.com
      for 20$ cheaper right after I bought mine, and I could have gotten
      free shipping from them.

      A Word to the wise, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH UPS and don't do business
      with NEWEGG!!!
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