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5190Re: UpnP on Buffalo Gigabit Linkstation

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  • cherrytreeproduction
    May 27, 2006
      > is it possible to install an upnp mediaserver on the gigabit version?
      > I had contact with the support of twonkyvision and they told me that
      > it is not (yet?) possible to run the server on the gigabit version.

      yes, why not?

      twonkyvision works on the LS1 and it will work on the LS HG.

      the guys from twonkyvision have an installation programm for
      twonkyvision....maybe this installer does not work properly.

      but you can use the twonkyvision binary and the scripts that you can
      download from the files-sections of this group instead and install it

      > By the way: If I upgrade the firmware to openlink and I encounter
      > problems, is my stored data in danger, or is it safe if I stick to the
      > explanation given in the wiki?

      making backups is a good idea anyway......

      but your data should be save. the system-partition is /dev/hda1 (the
      first partition), the data-partition (where all the shares are) is
      /dev/hda3 (the third)....by flashing to openlink you are changing only
      the files on /dev/hda1..../dev/hda3 ( = /mnt/ ) should be save.
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