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5129Really newbie questions about OpenLink/Twonky installation

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  • wheely30km
    May 2, 2006


      Hi everybody,

      I want to install Twonky on my Linkstation2.

      I followed the instructions in the wiki how-to : http://linkstationwiki.org/Articles/GeneralFirmwareFlash

      Now my dumb questions :">

      step 12 : what's the purpose of changing the root password ? Does it affect the connection to the LS2 through the web browser by asking this password, or is it only for telnet ?

      step 13 : installing a ssh daemon to get a secure connection : so there must be a connection that is not secure : I suppose it's Telnet ?
      who could hack it, as it's a home network behind a firewalled router ?

      step 14 : why should I disable the utelnetd startup link it if there's a SSH daemon : to avoid hackers to connect with telnet ?

      step 15&16 : why should I adjust the "utelnetd startup script" ? what are the effects of this modification ? does it make asking for a password, thus making it safer ?

      step 17 : what is a non root account, and how do I create it ?

      Finally, do I have to make any of those steps to get twonky running on my LS2 ?

      Really sorry for those dumb questions,  but Linux is like chinese for me, I would like to learn it but I'm not sure I will ever have enough time :-s

      Thanks all for your patience to read my post, and even more to answer my questions...

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