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5108Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Problems accessing LS outside LAN

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  • bill fumerola
    Apr 25, 2006
      On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 07:17:22PM -0700, KeepIt SimpleStupid wrote:
      > The subnet mask determines what addresses the devices
      > on your LAN respond to. So, the most common subnet
      > mask of means anything that matches the
      > first 3 digits of the IP address. Anything else the
      > router processes.

      it masks away the last octet of the IP address. a network of
      with a mask of means that addresses belonging to that
      network are through

      it's easier to think of it as a mask not as the decimal
      but the hex 0xffffff00. is 0x01010100. with our netmask in mind,
      0x01010100 through 0x010101ff are part of the same network.

      > I checked on a Unix system "ifconfig -a" lists some of
      > the configuration parameters in a different form, but
      > not the gateway.

      interface ip assignment and routing are related but are two different
      concepts and are tracked in different structures.

      to see the a machine's gateway:
      as an unprivleged user: 'netstat -nrt | grep default'
      as root: 'route get'

      -- bill
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