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5087Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Problems accessing LS outside LAN

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  • KeepIt SimpleStupid
    Apr 18, 2006
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      Lets go way basic. DSL/Cable providers will close the
      connection if it doesn't see traffic from the inside
      of the LAN. That's where dyndys.org type systems come
      into play. Alternatively, a slingbox from
      www.slingbox.com or Best Buy has mechanisms that can
      allow you to get your IP address at home once you
      connect remotely. It does work.

      Or try this:

      From windows cmd prompt run telnet

      open 65.a.b.123 21

      or from a unix box:

      % telnet 65.a.b.123 21

      This will just try to open port 21. It doesn't know
      about FTP or the protocal or anything so don't let the
      word telnet fool you. Your telnetiing to port 21
      which is an FTP port and not a telnet port. This
      doesn't know about any of the other ports required for

      you might see:

      Trying 65.a.b.123...
      Connected to (somewhere.com).
      Escape character is '^]'.
      220 Somewhere.com FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2+Sun)
      (I typed a return here)
      530 Please login with USER and PASS.

      This is an actual response from a Sun unix machine to
      itself. I also tried using windows to the sun and got
      the same result. You won't be able to log on.

      Get simple connectivity, then get the protocol to

      If you suspect FTP is being blocked try a finger
      client and server which uses port 79.

      If you have a Windows PC or whatever and get a finger
      server to work.

      1) your ISP could be blocking FTP.
      2) your ISP has a short lease on your IP address.

      --- Jeff <jfish_berean@...> wrote:

      > I still cannot FTP from the Internet from an outside
      > location. When I
      > enter in my username/password combo with the WAN IP
      > that the newtwork
      > with the LinkStation is on (i.e.
      > ftp://username:password@65.a.b.123)
      > it times out every time.
      > I set up my Linkstation to have a static IP address
      > of 192.168.x.y and
      > a Gateway of 192.168.x.1 (which is the same as the
      > IP address of my
      > router). I can access the Linkstation locally
      > either through the
      > Workgroup, as a Network Drive, and by FTP using the
      > local LAN IP
      > 192.168.x.y. I configured my D-Link router to allow
      > ports 20, 21, and
      > 1025-1027 for FTP access and set up the Virtual FTP
      > Server to point to
      > the IP address of my LinkStation 192.168.x.y, but I
      > still can't access
      > it from the internet - using passive or active modes
      > of any FTP
      > program or web browser...
      > Neither Buffalo nor D-Link has been helpful at all.
      > Any other
      > thoughts out there? I'm still tinkering around with
      > it to see if I
      > can discover something I overlooked.
      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, KeepIt
      > SimpleStupid
      > <keepitsimplestupid@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Opening ports 20-21 is not enough to get FTP to
      > work.
      > > You need to open a few (say 3) higher number
      > ports.
      > > Try opening 1025, 1026 and 1027 as well. I just
      > > looked at what I had forwarded on my router. For
      > more
      > > info look at the RFC for FTP. You also need to
      > use
      > > the right mode of FTP.
      > >
      > > It's also difficult to test since you can't ftp
      > from
      > > inside to your public IP address. I was able to
      > ssh
      > > to a unix host and then ftp back into my LAN from
      > that
      > > host to test.

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