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5031Re: Updating Samba on an LSII

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  • calvinlsc
    Apr 1, 2006
      Getting Debian running on LSII is very easy. Just run a script, and
      everything's done.

      I used to run Openlink, but turned to run Debian just a week ago.
      When I was on the openlink, I get lighttpd and pmwiki, and document
      everything there.

      However, I lose nearly all my data when I play with debian. So, the
      article is lost I am afraid.

      Basically, I get samba running by following steps:

      1. Openlink
      2. Development tools from the linkstationwiki
      3. compile samba at /usr/local, pid in /var/run
      4. backup the old smb.conf
      5. symbolic link to /usr/local/etc/smb.conf in the old directory
      6. write a script using awd to change smb.conf on every boot

      > Calvinlsc.
      > Many thanks for your reply.
      > I would prefer if possible to stay with Openlink f/w for the
      > as I already have it on my first LSII, and I am familiar enough
      > flashing that.
      > I do only really want the extra functionality of SWAT to control
      > extra share permissions, and perhaps play with other samba
      > possibilities (PDC's etc).
      > However, that aside Debian sounds interesting, and if it is easy
      > install might be an option. I was rather confused by the install
      > on the Wiki, but if there are easier ways, then I am listening.
      > I would appreciate it, if you would look out those instructions
      > me when you do get your web server back on line, (or email them to
      > perhaps).
      > Kind Regards
      > Pete
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