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50Recieved my Linkstation

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  • James Ronald
    Oct 1, 2004
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      My Linkstation arrived yesterday afternoon.  I ordered it from Outpost.com on
      the 28th and had it in my hands on the 30th.  I have only had a couple of
      hours to play with it, initially setting up shares and copying files and I'm
      very impressed with its performance and user interface.
      Out of the box my linkstation was running the 1.43 firmware.  I updated to
      the 1.44 firmware using the link posted in the group.  Following the 
      firmware update I'm now able to Telnet into the Linkstation and poke around.
      Later today or this weekend I plan the try the steps Thom posted to gain
      root access once I'm confident I won't brick my unit.