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4938TwonkyMusic on Linkstation 2.05 Help!!

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  • roundajr2579
    Mar 3, 2006
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      I have a linkstation with firmware 2.05 and I would love to get this
      working as a media server for music only using TwonkyMusic.I have
      installed the patch which allows me access the linkstation via
      telnet, but every time I run the NASSetup from Twonky nothing seems
      to work.

      I enter the IP Address of the linkstation and where the scripts seems
      to be creating the folders such as "mkdir /mnt/share/twonkyvision" it
      suggest "cannont create directory"? Can anyone let me know what I am
      doing wrong?

      I have also tried to follow the instructions on how to manually set
      up Twonky using the .ini file created in Crimson Editor. But when it
      comes to the part to copy the files to the folder using telnet, the
      session reads: "cp: cannot stat '/mnt/hda/share/mediaserver': No such
      file or directory"

      Can anyone help???


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