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4928Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: HD-HG250 with Freelink trying to spindown

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  • stephen
    Mar 1, 2006
      I tried both "DISKS=" and "DISKS=/dev/hda" without success.  I have gone through the apt-get install/remove/clean process a few times.  When apt-get installing it ends as follows:
      Unpacking noflushd (from .../noflushd_2.7.5-2_powerpc.deb) ...
      Setting up noflushd (2.7.5-2) ...
      Stopping No Flush Daemon: noflushd.
      Starting No Flush Daemon: BUG at state.c line 134: Unable to determine device dir at /dev/mtdblocka
      /etc/init.d/noflushd: line 163:   529 Segmentation fault    start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --pidfile /var/run/$NAME.pid --exec $DAEMON -- $PARAMS
      invoke-rc.d: initscript noflushd, action "start" failed.
      And that is the end of it.  "/etc/init.d/noflushd"  states that it:
      # /etc/init.d/noflushd: Control userland daemon to spin down idle disk
      #Test whether the kernal exposes devfs-style names in /proc/partitions.
      #We do this by probling for '/' in the device name...
      As a long shot i also tried 'DISKS="hda" ' but no difference.

      Any further ideas?

      James Stewart wrote:
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, stephen <stephen@...> wrote:

      > and have set "etc/default/noflush" as follows:
      >     TIMEOUT="1"
      >     DISKS="/dev/hda1"
      >     #PARAMS="-r /dev/sdb -n 60,5 /dev/hda -t 15,default /dev/hdc"

      There is at least one problem:  You specified "hda1" which means you
      are trying to spin down only partition #1 of "hda".  No wonder the
      program is having fits!  Try DISKS="/dev/hda" for the whole disk, or
      better yet just leave it as:


      like mine is at it will spin down any disks it can.

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