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4812Re: Just got a 250Gb LS - What should I install?

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  • calvinlsc
    Feb 8, 2006
      > Thanks for the quick reply Calvin, can you give me step by step
      > instructions on how to install it?
      > Do I need to have freelink or openlink installed first?

      Sure you will need the Openlink first. You will find a guide in the
      openlink package to tell you how to flash it, and how to telnet/SSH in
      your box.

      Then install the development tools from linkstationwiki.org. You can
      find a step-by-step guide within the downloaded file.

      At this moment, there are two choices. For the transmission, I think
      you can simply download it and then extract it to /usr/bin. I haven't
      tried this method. Instead, I download and compile ctorrent myself.
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