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4804Re: Linkstation 160: Windows Media Player/Windows Media Connect

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  • gouldyis
    Feb 6, 2006
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "msandover"
      <msandover@...> wrote:
      > Any help on this would be appreciated.
      > I wifi wma lossless audio files from Windows Media Player to my
      > system via a Roku Soundbridge. The setup works well when those
      > are in a shared folder on the C: drive.
      > The issue is that even though Windows Media Player can see my
      > Linkstation down to the \\linkstation\share\My Music level and
      > music stored there on the PC's speakers (i.e., play locally) it
      > doesn't send music on the Linkstation wirelessly to the Roku.
      > only ever picks up audio files in shared folders that are on the
      > C: drive.
      > Thank you for explaining what is necessary to get audio stored on
      > Linkstation NAS to play over wireless via Windows Media Player 10
      > Windows Media Connect 2.0
      > Mark
      I too have a SounndBridge, best gadget I have!!

      Install something that streams media files onto your Linkstation
      ;Twonkyvision I use, I think slimserver xan be done but may be
      harder to do.

      So, eventually you want to have all music on Linkstation and be able
      to use Soundbridge without having to turn pc on? Windows Media
      Conect streams the files to the Soundbridge but only sees the files
      on your pc (thats what its installed on afterll)

      Twonkyvision has a trial version I think you can install on
      Linkstation to see if you like it, the full version is only a couple
      a quid.

      Come back if you need any more help
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