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4778Re: XBMC Scripts Don't Work

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  • James F
    Feb 1, 2006
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "prezet2005"
      <powell.lee.imac@g...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > Has anyone managed to get the Kai / XBMC scripts working from the
      files section?
      > I've downloaded, put in my passwords and IP addresses but nothing -
      think it might be
      > something to do with the Q:\\scripts\\ but am not sure...
      > Any advice appreciated.

      the xbmc scripts like shutdown and reboot should work
      the q:\ in xbmc points to whereever its installed:
      eg on mine f:\mediaplayers\xbmc\
      therefore q:\scripts\ points to f:\mediaplayers\xbmc\scripts\

      i can see 2 possible problems:

      the problem may be in the python dir of xbmc. i run a cvs complile
      of xbmc and it works fine. if you use someone elses build, bother
      (see forums.xbox-scene.com under the xbmc pages for more details on
      other groups releases)

      as such the restartkaid script may also need python installed

      (quick fix: -
      get python23.zlib from
      ftp into your xbox, go to the xbmc\python dir and replace the one on
      the xbox with new one.)

      let us know if that works

      i am NOT using ssh on the linkstation, i have not delved into the
      the python libaries to see if it can be done,
      because an existing script could telnet into a linksys router i used
      that as a basis. the linkstation without ssh is secure enough for me
      and the ability to turn it off from xbmc was more important

      ps i hope kaid works for you, its great
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