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4504Re: Cool'n Quiet on LS2 MIPS

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  • jhaveri
    Dec 15, 2005
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      I got tired of the slow samba serving speed on NSLU2 and got the LS2
      (MIPS based) yesterday . I flashed it with openlink, installed
      twonkey, smart monitoring tool, and other development tools. Works
      like a charm, I can serve high bitrate DVDs to MG-35 with no

      However, the fan is really noisy, and I plan to keep LS2 on 24/7.
      The following Cool'n Qiet script modified for LS2 will be
      nice to use if someone has more info on it. Is it OK to use the
      script as it is, or is there an updated one?

      Thanks again to the LS Development team.



      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "prezet2005"
      <powell.lee.imac@g...> wrote:
      > I've been having a look at Cool&Quiet on the MIPSEL, I was/am
      getting the problem of
      > getting C&Q to run properly because my drive wouldn't stay in
      standby mode for very long
      > before Samba and 'kupdated' would ping the drive and spin it back
      up. Which renders
      > C&Q useless because it's very rarely in standby mode.
      > Due to this I've been working on a script which is called by cron
      every ten minutes that
      > checks the disks spinning status, and/or temp and adjusts the fan
      speed accordingly. It's
      > still a working project, but here's the script I'm using:
      > #!/bin/sh
      > # HD
      > #
      > MAX_TEMP=35
      > DISKSLEEP="$(/sbin/hdparm -C /dev/hda | /bin/grep 'standby' -c)"
      > # AVR
      > #
      > TTY="/dev/ttyS0"
      > SLOW="\\\\"
      > FAST="]]]]"
      > # ... we need to be 'root'
      > #
      > if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then
      > echo "You need 'root' permissions for this script. Try 'sudo
      > exit 1
      > fi
      > if [ "$DISKSLEEP" = 1 ]; then
      > echo "${SLOW}" > $TTY
      > else
      > HD_TEMP=`smartctl -A /dev/hda | awk '/^194/ { print($10) }'`
      > echo "Current HDD Temperature: $HD_TEMP"
      > if [ $HD_TEMP -le $MAX_TEMP ]; then
      > echo "${SLOW}" > $TTY
      > else
      > echo "${FAST}" > $TTY
      > fi
      > fi
      > exit 0
      > Basically, it checks if the HDD is in standby, if it is the fan
      speed is set to low. Else, it
      > checks the HDD temperature, if the temp is over 35c it allows the
      fan to move to high, else
      > sets it to low.
      > I also found that if you access 'smartctl' to obtain thr hdd temp
      it spins the drive back up,
      > so it useless to use when the drive is alseep, hence it is called
      late in the process.
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