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4289mDNSResponder not working

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  • Alan
    Nov 6, 2005
      I'm trying to get my LSII running Openlink to be as mac friendly as possible and to that extent
      I've installed the mDNSResponder package. I followed the instructions that are in the how to
      on this site which are a little outdated as it is still calling it Rendevous instead of Bonjour. But
      that shouldnt make much of a difference.

      Anyway, I followed the instructions and I've got the program compiled and running, but it
      isnt being seen by my mac. I'm using a program called Bonjour Browser to look at all the
      Bonjour services on my network.

      Does anyone have any info on where I can look to debug this? From Apple's developer site I
      couldnt find much info on how mDNSResponder is supposed to be setup. Most of the info I
      found was for software developers on the mac side of things, not for embedded systems.

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