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4280Installation of Freelink onto a Linkstation HD-H160LAN v2.05 box

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  • Scyphozoa
    Nov 4, 2005

      Due to a cat related linkstation failure I found myself in the
      position where I had to purchase another linkstation.

      I purchased a Linkstation HD-H160LAN which came with v2.05 firmware
      and immediately tried to install the Freelink powerpc_hdhlan-1.11
      firmware onto it.

      I run the installation utility and it says no linkstation is found on
      the network despite me being able to access it via the web interface
      (no firewall on this machine)

      Is it possible to install Freelink onto this box with the firmware
      that it's running?

      If it's not, are there any other options I have other than returning
      the unit?
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