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428Re: Connecting to LinkStation w/ Crossover Cable?

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  • irvine_stock
    Dec 2, 2004
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      Hey Bub,
      Your not going to your bothers to copy illegal software or MP3 you
      don't own are you :-)

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "bubba" <bubba@c...>
      > Hi,
      > My LinkStation (firmware 1.44) is running fine on my network,
      connected to a
      > router. However, I'd like to take the unit to my brother's place,
      > connect it directly to his machine to transfer data. How is this
      > I've tried doing a direct, pc-to-LinkStation connection, and it
      fails to
      > work. Flipping the "crossover" dipswitch on the back makes
      the "link" light
      > on the front turn orange, and the client software that is supplied
      with the
      > LS seems to see the unit. However, I can't access or map the drive
      at all!
      > Any ideas what I might be missing?
      > regads,
      > bub.
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