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4233telneting as root

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  • kenyongwillim
    Oct 23, 2005
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      Hi, I am new to the group and am trying to get access to my
      LinkStation by a Mac to improve by installing the latest version of
      netatalk. Anyway, I am going through the 'How to get root access' file
      and I have a couple of questions. First, when I telnet to my
      linkstation is there a way to specify the user? Right now I telnet to
      the IP address and there is no authentication, but I did setup a user
      through the web interface with the same name/pw as my login on my
      computer. Is it authenticating automatically? Should I delete that
      user account on the LinkStation? How can I tell who I am logged in as
      from the command line? I created the accesspass.sh file but when I
      try to go to that url my browser just wants to open it or save it. I
      don't think it is running it. Not sure what to do there. Then
      finally, the instructions say to change the root password. Does this
      mean using the 'passwd' command? If not, then editing the passwd
      file? I looked at it and I don't see where I could modify anything
      password wise. Thx. This group is great but I am a Unix idiot so I am
      having a tough time so far.