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4110RE: [LinkStation_General] Re: What do do now?

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  • Art Wallace
    Oct 1, 2005
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      How long did you hold the red and power down buttons for?

      Art Wallace

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      Still no progress. Here's what I've tried.

      First I rebooted in EM Mode (or tried to), as suggested by Art(holding
      the reset button during power up). That didn't work, for the reasons
      outlined in the Kuro yahoo group.

      The next thing I tried was to force the disk check myself by running
      fsck on each partition from another machine. The first two partitions
      (system and /var) did not seem to need to be fsck'ed, and the command
      had no effect. The third partition is my swap, which I could not access
      from Knoppix. The fourth partition, where all my data is, did need to
      be fsck'ed, so I let that run all night last night.

      Today, I rebooted the Linkstation, and there has been no improvement of
      its condition. The disk still grinds away until the power kicks out,
      which fits with the scenario of the system trying to do some disk
      maintenance before booting.

      Is there any way to manually modify the Gentoo install to bypass the
      disk maintainence that seems to be causing my problem? Any further
      suggestions of what I might try before going down the wipe and rebuild


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