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4084RE: [LinkStation_General] Re: Kurobox Gone?

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  • WRT54G.yg@datmail.com
    Sep 28, 2005
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      > The problem is that a big part of the lure is the
      > collaboration that goes on
      > to advance the Kuro's abilities. No offense to Sven. When I
      > ordered my Kuro
      > he had it shipped the same day. He does a great job with
      > filling orders. It
      > just seems to me that Revolution has blocked the advancement
      > of the Kuro at
      > every opportunity they come across and by not acting on such
      > a simple thing
      > as relocating the wiki and forums, they are even creating
      > problems. Someone
      > stated that fixing the forum was Revolution's first priority.
      > That is just a
      > flat out lie. If it was, it would be done by now - that or
      > they have stopped
      > all work on everything. Who knows, maybe first in Japanese
      > means never.
      > As I said before, Revolution/Linkstation has not followed
      > through with their
      > promises. Until they do, no more Revolution/Linkstation
      > products for me.

      Well said, and I whole-heartedly agree with you. Just look at the community
      that formed around the NSLU2. I think the kurobox could be even bigger
      (smaller footprint and better hardware), but it certainly seems that there
      is less than nothing in the way of effort put out by the hardware
      manufacturer to help spur enthusiast development and improvement for the

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