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4016Re: Need help for usb automount with Murakasi

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  • snatcher93
    Sep 8 3:11 AM
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      Thanks a lot for answering ! It's giving me a lot of informations
      about what the script is able to do (i saw in the mount script that
      when mounting an USB drive, there is some refresh in the samba and
      appletalk configuration files (and each daemon are restarted) !

      It looks like there is a problem with hotplug for you too, i may
      consider recompiling the latest version of murakasi then to see if
      it's working better ...

      Just a last question : is a flash usb storage mounted the same way an
      USB drive is ? (i mean : do you see it in shares too ?)

      Thanks again !


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      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "snatcher93"
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      > >
      > > PS : just a question for people with a linkstation (i know there
      > > some in this goup :op )=> when plugging an USB drive, do you see
      > > in windows shared directories ?
      > Hi Sylver,
      > The answer to your question is yes as soon as the "Use the USB Disk
      > a Shared Folder" option is enabled in the "USB setup" menu of the
      > web admin interface. In this case, samba maps the root of the USB
      > as "usbdisk1" share.
      > Note that if I hotplug the USB disk (a Buffalo DriveStation in my
      > case), I get what is probably a bus error (disk busy indicator
      > steadily on). As far as I remember the LS detects an USB device but
      > the drive is not identified nor mounted. I therefore need to reboot
      > the LS. In other words, the drive has to be on before the LS boots.
      > If I turn the drive off while the LS is on, the device seems to be
      > correctly unmounted and samba is restarted with an updated
      > configuration file where /mnt2/usbdisk1 is no more mapped.
      > Hope this help your investigations.
      > Regards.
      > Philippe Deysine
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