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4007Need help for usb automount with Murakasi

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  • snatcher93
    Sep 7, 2005
      Hi there !
      I'm actually in the process of making the kurobox HG better than it
      is with the standard system image (and there is a lot of work !!!) !
      Maybe some of you already have seen my image for the kurobox
      (sylver's image => you can check @
      http://www.kurobox.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=708 when kurobox.com
      will have paid his provider bill ...)

      So, after replacing some old applications with some recent
      applications (inetd => xinetd, thttpd => lighttpd, vsftpd instead of
      the old ftp server ...), and creating a recent building environment
      (gcc 3.4.4 ...), my next work is to make USB devices automount
      working on the kurobox HG (for now, automount doesn't work ) !

      Here is what i know / what i have already done :

      - Murasaki is the application installed on the kurobox HG to handle
      USB devices (and PCI devices too i think), it catch events like usb
      device inserted / usb device removed ...

      - It runs at startup and detects devices (so a cat /proc/scsi/scsi
      give me a list of plugged usb devices)

      - There is an automount script in /etc/murasaki/bin , it's using a
      configuration file in /etc/murasaki to know what to mount and where
      to mount (format is "search_string partition_to_mount where_to_mount
      partition_type", so i add a ".*storage.* 0 /mnt/usbdevice1 vfat" line
      in the file, and i add a call to that script @ startup (added a line
      in /etc/init.d/murasaki). This way, it's working to mount devices
      (only first usb device as i can't ma a difference between device 1 &
      device 2) @ startup ! But it's not working to automount/autounmount
      when inserting/removing the usb key !

      As i don't know very well the murasaki application, i need help from
      someone with a linkstation (V1) to give me the scripts that are in
      the box (/etc/murasaki directory + /etc/init.d/murasaki + stuff about
      murasaki in /sbin), so i can check how the automount stuff is done ...

      It would be great if someone could send me these files ( snatcher93
      at rocketmail.com ) or give me a link to a linkstation v1 disk image !

      Thanks in advance,

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