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4004Re: Need HowTo and Install Files for OpenVPN on LS1

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  • lalunas10
    Sep 5, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "schwab_one" <schwab.thomas@m...>
      > Then as in your (2.) below I downloaded openvpn-lzo-ls1-v3.tar.gz to
      > my VPN directory
      > When trying to untar the file I received an error = gzip: stdin: not
      > in gzip format -- the
      > terminal text is below...

      Everything you did was right, and openvpn is installed on your system, albeit not the latest
      version, which gave you this error.

      As for the error, I had accidentially compressed the file with bzip2 instead of gzip. So
      please delete your openvpn-lzo-ls1-v3.tar.gz, re-download the file, and "tar -C / -xvzf
      openvpn-lzo-ls1-v3.tar.gz" once again. That should be it, the latest version of openvpn
      should be installed on your system at this point.

      > Do I need to set up the module?

      Yo. Execute

      echo "tun" >> /etc/modules

      , add your own setup (see below), reboot, and you're on.

      > Where or how do I set up config files?

      Files in /etc/openvpn/ with the extension .conf, like /etc/openvpn/example.conf and /
      etc/openvpn/example2.conf, will be sourced at boot time, and when you execute "/etc/
      init.d/openvpn restart".

      <http://openvpn.net> provides setup examples and very good explanations. I sent you a
      sample setup in reply to your personal mail as well.

      > Thanks.

      I hope this helps!

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