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3999Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Files larger than 2 Gigs

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  • James Ronald
    Sep 3, 2005
      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "James Stewart"
      > <wartstew@y...> wrote:
      >> Related to this, I have my question/problem. How can I get a file
      >> that is over 2 Gigs in size copied from my LS through a network
      >> connection? I can't seem to do it with ether Samba, NFS, or FTP. Is
      >> there some special configuration for it that I need to do or another
      >> protocol I haven't thought of (like the ancient "uucp")?
      > James, I use a LS1 with fw 1.45_13 and connect to its SMB shares with
      > WinXP. I copied the 4 Gig "Night of the living dead" MPEG from
      > archive.org without problems to and from my LS, if I remember things
      > right (I could have used my USB drive to copy it to the LS, though.
      > But I do not think so).

      I copy files > 2GB to my Kuro HG running Debian regularly as most of the
      movies I rip are a little larger than 2GB. The largest so far being
      2,674,239KB "National Treasure". I have not done much with my Linkstation
      but help test Freelink since purchasing the Kuro.

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