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3987Re: debian LS1: running X windows

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  • downlalaway
    Sep 1, 2005
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      pts" but this did not help.
      > Probably there is a bug in kernel configuration.
      > I am using Japanese kernel from debian_2005_08_21_dist.tgz
      > Did anybody else had this problem? Any ideas how to fix
      > this?
      Well done for getting it working.
      I get this too with the 2005_04 dist tarball -err dont know the answer
      but look forward to a good reply. I seem to remember possibly getting
      it with root too and installed another term mrxvt. I think this maybe
      a red herring though.
      I generally use the X server for configuring only and then web interfa
      ce with it to use. So I barely notice the problem.
      If you need to launch a gui as non-root on it. Login as another user i
      n command line and launch the package - does this work.
      > I have a simpler question. Originally, I upgraded the
      > system to the unstable debian distribution. Now I want to
      > "downgrade" to the stable distribution. I modified
      > the config file so that it refer to the stable distribution.
      > Whenever I install a new package I get a stable version.
      > However when I try "apt-get update", "apt-get upgrade",
      > or "apt-get dist-upgrade", it says that the system is
      > already up-to-date and does not reinstall any packages.
      > Can I go back to the stable version by typing
      > "apt-get <something>" ?
      I believe that downgrading is difficult and likely to break things. If
      you havent committed yourself too heavily with packages an hour or so
      reinstalling (having stored any finely honed conf files) may be quick
      er than many many hours fixing broken packages.
      Of course someone may know better.
      I like synaptic mainly since it shows what's there easily.
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