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3982debian LS1: running X windows

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  • Sasha
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hello all,

      Thank you for your replays on installation of debian linux
      on LS1. I've installed it and it runs fine. I've also
      installed slimserver, X windows, VNC server, firefox, TeX,
      ghostscript, xfig and they run reasonably fast. I am
      very impressed. I could not belive that this little
      underpowered box can do these things.

      I have a couple of questions. If I run VNC server from
      the root account everything works fine. But this is not
      a good habit. However if I start VNC server as a regular
      user, then I cannot open xterm and rxvt. (I can start some
      small applications like xeyes.) I guess something
      is screwed up with permissions in /dev/pts/ and for
      some reason only one node /dev/pts/0 is created there.
      I tried to manually create nodes in /dev/pts/ (as root)
      but the kernel did not allow me to do this. I tried
      "chmod 777 /dev/pts" but this did not help.
      Probably there is a bug in kernel configuration.
      I am using Japanese kernel from debian_2005_08_21_dist.tgz
      Did anybody else had this problem? Any ideas how to fix

      I have a simpler question. Originally, I upgraded the
      system to the unstable debian distribution. Now I want to
      "downgrade" to the stable distribution. I modified
      the config file so that it refer to the stable distribution.
      Whenever I install a new package I get a stable version.
      However when I try "apt-get update", "apt-get upgrade",
      or "apt-get dist-upgrade", it says that the system is
      already up-to-date and does not reinstall any packages.
      Can I go back to the stable version by typing
      "apt-get <something>" ?
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