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3813Re: new user with questions

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  • James Stewart
    Aug 3 10:47 AM
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Dan Freidus"
      <colonial.americana@u...> wrote:

      > How much effort and knowledge would be needed for a rank beginner
      > with Linux?

      To do things on the LinkStation that it wasn't originally designed to
      do, you will end up learning quite a bit about Linux before it is all
      done. This is not totally a bad thing as long as you are willing to
      take the time to learn.

      > Besides setting things up, would I be likely to encounter more
      > maintenance problems?

      Usually with Linux, once you finally get things working, they tend to
      stay working. Occasionally there might be a security related update
      that you would want to do to some of the software you are running such
      as MySQL, Apache, etc. Most of the "maintenance" you will likely do
      would be in your attempts to add features to the system since you know
      that you can.

      > If it's pretty easy, serving up static web pages
      > (or even running a SQL server) would be great, but I chose the
      > Linkstation for backup and FTP because it sounds pretty easy and
      > simple, so I don't want to get too involved. ANy advice?

      If you try to do too much over and above what the LinkStation was
      originally designed to do, many of us have believe it is easier to
      just ditch the original OS and install a "full featured" Linux on it
      such as Debian or Gentoo. Otherwise you will likely need to learn how
      to compile sets of software that would be compatible with the original
      LinkStation OS, which many have also done. If changing the OS appeals
      to you, a way to get started learning is to install Debian (or Gentoo)
      on an old PC you might have laying around and see how you like it. If
      you can make it do what you need, you can then transfer the
      configureation (including web pages, data files, etc) of it to the
      LinkStation once you get that Linux also installed on the LinkStation.
      Installing another Linux on the Linkstation is that hard part because
      an easy, straight foreward installation method is still in development.
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