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3800Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: WIKI: Install Apache w/ PHP and MySQL

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  • Art Age
    Aug 1, 2005
      Check out sqlite. Perfect fit for the LinkStation. I'm
      using it as the backend database for two websites on
      my Linky as a substitute for mysql.

      If you also substitute lighttp for apache, you have a
      very light-weight platform for web apps that is
      perfectly suited to the LinkStation.


      --- Nick Pappas <nwpappas@...> wrote:

      > I've made a few minor updates to the WIKI listing,
      > but thought I
      > would share probably the most important one here.
      > After getting everything up and running I checked
      > the memory usage on
      > my LinkStation. MySQL takes *nearly 25%* of the
      > available LinkStation
      > memory when running. This isn't particularly good.
      > If you need the database, I guess you'll need to
      > work around that.
      > Personally, I'm taking the web app I needed MySQL
      > for (a simple photo
      > gallery script I wrote) and porting the database
      > backend to a file
      > system backend.
      > --
      > Whatever you do - don't congratulate yourself too
      > much, or berate
      > yourself either.
      > Your choices are half chance, and so are everybody
      > else's.

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