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38Re: Great idea, have NSLU2, just ordered Linkstation 160 for $80 (after rebate)

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  • Inframan
    Sep 28, 2004
      Thanks for the input.

      I have decided on the LinkStation, and am eagerly awaiting it's
      arrival. I'll probably start with a setting up CVS and an iTunes
      server, and eventually porting some audio/DSP related work to it, if
      I can get a USB microphone to work well enough.

      This little box seems just the solution I wasn't even looking for.
      Without having to run my development box/server 24/7, I may save
      enough on the electric bills to pay for it. That is what I'm telling
      the wife anyway!

      Thanks again!

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, Michael Oberg
      <michael.oberg@g...> wrote:
      > I think the decision comes down to buying NSLU2 If you already have
      > an external USB2 drive and don't think you will really stress the
      > server as far as RAM and CPU. Otherwise the Linkstation is a better
      > purchase imho. I already own and abuse the NSLU2, and think I will
      > buy a Linkstation, and enjoy having both. With the NSLU2 and a
      > HD, both combined are still smaller than my hand (and easily hidden
      > a desk drawer).
      > Benefits of the Linkstation:
      > - Print server
      > - Unified chassis (may be a detractor to some)
      > - Much easier to hack on regarding Linux (ie hacking not required,
      > packages are available for pretty much everything). - Much closer
      > a "real" miniature server than the NSLU2, which is more an embedded
      > system.
      > - Might be Powerful enough to downsample ogg's in realtime through
      > icecast, I am sure the NSLU2 is not. On my 30kB upstream
      > this would make the difference between only supporting a single
      > of my music and having several (I keep my ogg's in 196kbit VBR).
      > My 2 cents.
      > - Michael
      > On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 22:26:06 -0500, Stuart Stegall
      > <stuart@f...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Two other issues ... namely that the NSLU2 will probably never
      compile out of box with a stock linux kernel and likely it will be so
      > > with many major system utilities. The PPC platform is the 3rd
      best supported linux platforms (behind x86_64 and x86) and the
      > > LinkStation is really not a very strange PPC box. I can already
      boot of a basic PPC kernel. I'll submit some trivial patches that
      > > will probably take care of the problems that aren't supported
      generically right now. But all in all, I can boot off a 2.6.9-rc2
      > > pretty easy at the moment.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > mphoust2 wrote:
      > > > I just ordered a LinkStation 120 from newegg after wrestling
      with the
      > > > same question.
      > > >
      > > > The main reason I chose it was the larger amount of RAM (64 MB
      > > > 32MB, I think). I plan to run a Source Code Control system on
      it and
      > > > 32MB seemed a bit small. Maybe a small webserver too...
      > > >
      > > > The LinkStation also appears to be a little easier to get
      telnet and
      > > > root access on (might not be much harder on NSLU2 now). Plus
      > > > yellowdog binary RPMs covers a lot of the utils that I would
      > > >
      > > > The drawbacks are that Linksys is a much bigger name in the
      > > > than Buffalo. The NSLU2 has much bigger english-language
      > > > right now. I hope the Linkstation will catch up.
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