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3408Re: BitTorrent Daemon

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  • superg00fy
    Jul 4, 2005
      Yes, I've used the one on LinkStationWiki! I think the script is fine,
      but maybe I'd love to see the stuffs of mldonkey, not ALL in
      /usr/local/bin, where maybe other stuffs may go, but in a separate
      directory (for example /usr/local/bin/mldonkey, or something like
      /srv/mldonkey). That's only because mldonkey put a lot of
      files/directories when it start!

      Other than that I only had to tweak mldonkey settings to put
      temp/downloads on a hda3 mounted dir and make a little script to force
      it to run in it's own path (or it will fill of .ini files every
      directory where it's started) and to run in background.
      I've found a script that make it better: it has start/stop/status
      params to use it at system startup

      Now it seems to work very well with the remote gui i'm using (sancho)

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "wedgemusic"
      <wedgemusic@y...> wrote:
      > Did you download the version from the LinkStationWiki or did you
      > compile your own? If you downloaded it from the wiki, how did you like
      > the installation script? Any thoughts or suggestions?
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