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  • wedgemusic
    Jul 2, 2005
      Darn, you beat me to it! Screen is the easiest way to run programs in
      the background. Just add "screen" before the program you wish to run.
      To resume the program use the command "screen -r". I am working on
      putting together a screen package for the PPC LinkStation. I'll post
      it on the LinkStationWiki when I'm done.

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "James Stewart"
      <wartstew@y...> wrote:
      > There is the utility called "screen" which lets you "background" an
      > entire shell (telnet) session, as well as have multiple sessions
      > running, then be able to reconnect to them later. Someone got it
      > working on the original LS1 a while back. I have it on my
      > Debianized one (but hardly used it because I use a graphical VNC
      > desktop instead).
      > If you are interested in it and can't get it going, let me know and
      > I might be able to come up with a version that will run for you If
      > you have an LS-1. For an LS-2 you might need to hunt down an LS-2
      > owner to test it.
      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "superg00fy"
      > <supergoofy@k...> wrote:
      > > Hi, I've installed the BitTorrent package from the wiki, but I
      > > haven't found a way to make my download to stay in background!
      > > There is also an utility to monitor all the downloads always
      > > written in Python, but that make use of a simple GUI, so it
      > > must be changed to work in text-mode/web.
      > > Unfortunately it was made for gentoo, ... So I just wanted to know
      > > if anyone already has tryed it and adapted to the linkstation
      > Also I think some people are doing it this way, at least running
      > some sort of bittorrent client that runs in the background like
      > this. As far a Python, it is an "interpreted" lanquage. So this
      > means you don't need to worry about what OS it was "compiled" for or
      > any thing like that, you "just" have to get the Python interpreter
      > installed and running.
      > Someone should to a HowTo on running bittorrent in the background.
      > I would be interested because it seems cleaner to me than running it
      > in a background-able shell or VNC environment.
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