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2813Re: Linkstation lock-ups?

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  • Steve Lemke
    Jun 4, 2005
      Matt wrote:
      > Mine locks up anytime my GSM Motorola cell phone is within 5 feet of
      > it.
      > I can reproduce it everytime..

      Hmmm. My Linkstation sits on my desk, just hanging out under a Dell
      laptop/monitor stand on which I usually put my laptop. The key is that
      I often set my Treo (GSM Smartphone) on the laptop, next to the
      trackpad. So the phone is just a few inches away from the LinkStation.

      When the phone is near my answering machine or car stereo or Polycom
      speakerphone at work, I can often "hear" the GSM transmissions. I'm
      still somewhat surprised that this is capable of locking up the
      Linkstation, but it sounds reasonable given that I often have the Treo
      so close to the Linkstation.

      Thanks for the tip! I'll look for a better place to put the
      Linkstation to live (and still within reach of, but not _too_ close to
      my UPS).
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