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2766Linkstation lock-ups?

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  • Steve Lemke
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Just about every time I try to access my 160GB (PowerPC?) Linkstation
      lately (every couple of days or so), I find that it is totally
      unresponsive. Sometimes I notice that the drive is starting up and
      spinning down over and over (not constantly, but as I'm sitting here at
      my desk), though I don't know if that's related or not.

      When it's locked up, I find that I can't access the web page, telnet is
      dead, and mt-daapd is unresponsive as well.

      It's entirely possible that mt-daapd could be at fault here, but a
      quick Google search turned up the following user review that seems to
      echo what I've been finding:


      I've been on this list for many months and don't recall this topic
      coming up before but it's possible I may have missed it.

      I guess I could disable mt-daapd and see if the problem stops, but that
      kind of removes the primary reason I had for buying the Linkstation in
      the first place (besides backups via Retrospect).

      When I log in, the prompt says "2.4.17_mvl21-sandpoint". The web page
      says I have firmware 1.44 (I haven't been too keen on upgrading
      anything for fear of losing my telnet access; the only thing that would
      entice me would be a newer OSX-happier version of netatalk since I
      haven't been interested in hacking that in myself).

      I haven't changed anything really, except enabling telnet, and
      installing mt-daap which appears to still be the latest
      "stable" release. mt-daapd works great after a reboot, but I usually
      notice that the Linkstation is wedged when I try to play tunes from
      iTunes (or via Samba from my AudioTron) and the music never comes.

      Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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