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2290Re: TeraStation ? Has anybody a TeraStation

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  • Trevor
    May 3, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Milligan"
      <paul_t_milligan@y...> wrote:
      > As far as I know the TeraStation is a big Linkstation with a 266Mhz
      > Processor, 512Mb Ram, 1GB Ethernet and 4 USB ports.

      It's only 128MB of RAM. The reviews out there which say 512MB are
      wrong. No clue where they got 512MB from as from visual inspection of
      the board you'll see 4x 32MB and it shows only 128MB from within Linux
      as well.

      > The kernel boot message
      > reports the kernel name as linkstation, so once you hack it, it
      should do
      > everything the linkstation does but with added pzazz. However all my
      > knowledge is based on reading Japanese hacker websites with a better
      > translator than Bablefish (it still translates "serial port" as "cereal
      > port", maybe in Japan they give them away as prizes in cornflakes

      Yeah. Hardwarewise it's very similar to the KuroBox HG except that
      it's got an extra IDE controller and some extra LEDs. Most stuff
      compiled for a KuroBox/LinkStation should run without any problems.
      Before I compiled a newer version myself, I used the OpenSSH tarball
      for the KuroBox.
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