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2289Re: slow upload

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  • Dave Kristol
    May 3, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "djlogic20"
      <adamensis@g...> wrote:
      > How is it that PC World reported speeds many times faster than this in
      > their reviews?
      > [...]
      > > I use 10b/s ~ 1B/s as an approximation. With that, I would say 7MB/s
      > > is about 70Mb/s, which isn't all that far from the 100Mb/s Ethernet
      > > speed. Seems to me you're not likely to exceed 10MB/s under the best
      > > of circumstances.

      I don't know. Some possibilities:
      1) They measured disk transfer speeds directly on the box, not over
      the network.
      2) They measured speed on a v.2 box that (I can only guess) has 1Gb/s
      Ethernet, and they used a 1Gb/s network connection.

      I could be overlooking something (corrections welcome!), but you can't
      get more than 100Mb/s out of a 100-BaseT network!

      Dave Kristol
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