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2273Re: Latest Firmware for LinkStation II ? and more.

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  • mcadorette2000
    May 2, 2005
      <balimbabullabe@y...> wrote:
      > > What is the differences with 2.11 versus 2.04 ? could you tell me
      > > the good and bad for the 2.11
      > I don't know the differences either. I think 2.13 is at present only
      > available with japanese texts so you should at most update to 2.11.
      > Do you have problems with your current firmware ?

      Like I said before I just have the LinkStation II near me unplugged
      and it will be in function in 2-4 week with the new network. So for
      the present I don't know if I will have problems. I have read a lot
      and some firmware seem to add feature and remove others.... It is why
      before beginning the whole set-up I try to gain all informations I
      can have to do the thing RIGHT the first time.

      Or do you miss a
      > feature ?

      The same I don't know if I the firmware can do all things I want.

      >If not you should in my eyes stick with the firmware you have.

      I understand your point of view, but could you point me to the new
      firmware 2.11 in english I have googled to find it and not being able
      to find it ?

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