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1931Re: SlimServer 6.0 - Installation Issues

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  • Marc D. Field
    Apr 5 2:59 PM
      On 04/05/2005 01:59 AM, scottnasello wrote:
      > where can i get perl 5.8?


      You can get Perl 5.8 from my site,
      <http://fieldnetworks.com/slim/linkstation.html>. I'm not sure why
      things aren't working for some people. I'm using the release version of
      SlimServer 6 with no problems.

      One question: for those upgrading from SlimServer 5.4, are you deleting
      or moving the old SlimServer directory before installing SlimServer 6?
      Or just extracting the new SlimServer files over an existing
      installation? You need to do the former. Something like this:

      mv /mnt/slimserver /mnt/slimserver-old (where /mnt/slimserver represents
      the full path to your existing slimserver directory)

      tar xzvf /mnt/share/slimserver-6-download.tar.gz (where
      mnt/slimserver-6-download.tar.gz represents the full path to the
      downloaded slim 6 file)

      mv /mnt/share/SlimServer6 /mnt/slimserver (where /mnt/share/SlimServer6
      represents the full path to the directory that's created as a result of
      extracting the downloaded file)

      If you created a directory to hold the data files, then I'd make a copy
      of that as well, in case you do need to go back to slim 5.4. Something
      like this:

      cp -r /mnt/slim-data /mnt/slim-data-old

      Then I'd kill the 5.4 Slimserver process (ps -A; then kill n, where n is
      the process number for Slimserver...or just reboot). Then start the new

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