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1908Squeezebox2 / Slimserver 6

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  • scottnasello
    Apr 2, 2005
      Hi All,

      I liked my wired squeezebox so much I bought another one (wireless).
      After waiting for 3 months, the friendly folks at slim sent me a
      Squeezebox 2, the only problem is I need to update my software

      I am a linux rookie (BUT i can generally follow directions)

      Running SlimServer 5.4 on my hacked linkstation
      Dir path for my Slimserver: /usr/local/slimserver

      On 192.168.0.XX:9000 it mentions that I need to upgrade my software.

      So here go the questions...
      1. Is Slimserver 6 okay for my wired squeezebox
      2. I don't want to brick the LS...If I want to be risk adverse, what
      should I do? What shouldn't I do?
      3. In the Network setup, it asked me for the DNS address...is it okay
      to leave as
      4. I read that other folks are having difficulty with the 6.0 dist,
      and I read to get the daily beta. How do I do this?

      thanks a ton, scott